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In traditional sculpting you either build mass with clay or chisel it out of rock. I had a friend who was a sculptor that I met at the student league in Madrid, Hector. “Height, width, size, shape, mass and expression” were his guidelines when he was teaching me. Hector’s studio was located outside of Madrid next to a lake. He worked with sandstone and marble. His hands were that of a sculptor and and he would lift weights, swim, and stretch to keep his arms limber for work. Hector was ambitious and determined. An artist in every sense of the word.

Years later I find myself sculpting digitally with zbrush. This 3d software was introduced to me out at Gnomon in its beta 2.0 version. At school I remember coming to class that day to find Z-Brush loaded on all of the workstations in the studio. There was nothing like it at the time. Using a stylus was its main key and the designer who built the program thought out a different way in working with the 3d paradigm (xyz).

…You have to work fast to keep up with the inspiration.

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