September, 2010 Archives

Digital Sculpture is a unique medium. Although mimicking traditional sculpting it has an approach all its own. What I expect from a good 3d sculpting program is the ability to make a design quickly. Six years ago sculpting digitally was something promised but never delivered. This last Siggraph introduced many new tools, enabling an artist to proceed to the next level.

Rendering is the 21st century way of painting a picture. Instead of an artist’s hand guiding the brushstrokes a computer can calculate and output fantastic imagery. Modern film is filled with beautiful images created by machines.

A render is like a good recipe, meaning there is a lot of ingredients that go into the dish. For the most part, modern cg can make use of laptops and equipment purchased off the shelf from your local store. Rendering on the other hand requires both good hardware and software to complete the task.

Lately I have been using the BPR renderer that is packaged along with Zbrush 4. Although limited in its functionality I have been getting good results. I don’t need much from a renderer other than speed. The look can be dictated by the tricks of the trade.