November, 2008 Archives

52 188x300 metro

scan10026 300x207 shaman

51 300x202 cafe

Friendships and family enrich my life. On my travels I have always been lucky enough to meet new friends. This is part of the adventure that I enjoy the most. This sketch is of a Madrid cafe with my friends Maria, Jenni, and Joseph. Good conversation proceeded to flow.

03 226x300 Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope the time is spent with your loved ones.

50 232x300 Michael

48 300x186 tweet

dsc00110 300x190 third eye

Minds Eye. When I am sketching out a design, intuition and improvisation seem to come into play. I begin to drift and enter the zone of my minds eye. Imagination is unlimited and the realm of the mind hold vistas of thoughts and ideas, just waiting to be tapped. A creative thought can change our perceptions.

dsc00316 225x300 against the wall

dsc000491 300x225 mans best friend

dsc000481 300x225 mans best friend

walkn21 300x226 the beach

I love oil painting. The medium has a rich history and is very versatile to use. Out of all the different methods that I have experimented with, I find oils to be the richest in terms of texture and color.