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mountain 300x201 momentum

 What powers my spirit besides faith and a positive attitude is momentum. I move at a fast pace through life, and what has helped me the most in regards to reaching my goals is momentum. Time goes by quick, stay focused and keep it moving.

rock 226x300 mans best friend

 A sketch of my old dog Rock. Imagine old yeller mixed in with a killer pit bull, and you have Rock.  He is no longer with us, having ran away some time ago for greener pastures. Rock was a big fan of the game “fetch”. His razor sharp teeth and vice like grip made him a great player of the sport. He was a good dog but had a killer instinct. Rocco nearly killed 3 other dogs that we owned. I suspect he would have turned on me someday. Rock was childlike but very dangerous.

dad 212x300 Happy Birthday

 Happy Birthday Dad! You’re the greatest, thanks for all of your patience and understanding. You have been a great inspiration in my life and a good example. I couldn’t ask for a better father. Justin, Mike, and myself are all looking forward in celebrating this special day with you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

dsc00633 300x216 drawing from the model

 I spent many hours drawing from the model, this is the best way to learn about form, line, and shape. After awhile these abstract concepts began to click for me. Lately craft has taken a back seat to the conceptual. There are no shortcuts in being able to express an idea either abstract or figurative.

dsc00653 300x216 the artists touch

 Part of what I find essential to drawing is the touch. Taking the powerful concepts of line and form to another level that people can feel. I’ve seen artists spend years on technique but lack the essential “touch”. This is a key ingredient to the communication between artist and viewer. Not the only component mind you, but the one that you can’t learn in school. If an up and coming artist doesn’t find this trait within themselves early on, all the training and long hours will amount to a mediocre body of work.  

 Drawing and the sketch use simpler tools than painting and sculpture, master this craft first.

her1 197x300 i used to love her

 I heard the most beautiful singer tonight. She played the guitar well and her songs were sung with a sweet brazilian accent. Her beauty was amplified by the talent she possessed. It was a very informal concert with only 7 people in the audience. The music hung thick onto the humid air giving an electric sensation with each melody. A good ambience embraced my soul.

material2 200x300 deep roots

  I knew I wanted to be an artist by the 1st grade. I remember crafting short stories to go along with my sketches and watercolor paintings for class projects. Thats when I knew I was hooked. To both writing and art. At the time it was easier for me to draw, so writing took a back seat for many years. Not entirely disappearing since I always had a story to tell. The attraction of writing came from my father, listening to him tell stories around the campfire are some of the best memories I have growing up. My mother was an artist herself and I was always amazed by the drawings she could make, her imagination was unlimited.

 I got into comics big time when I was a 8, since the writing and art went hand in hand. Next to movies the comic medium showed me that images can play a role in the storytelling method. A love for comics gave me an appreciation for reading and drawing. I am a voracious reader as well as a habitual draftsman. I draw and write everyday. 24/7.

 Around 16 I was sent to study for the summer in Cuernevaca, Mexico. I read the novel “Rain of Gold” by Victor Villasenor. This book changed my life…..and inspired me to develop my own story telling method. At 17 my first european travels began, I spent the summer in Granada, Spain. When I was 19 I spent a few months living in Florence, Italy. And finally at 22 I spent 2 years in Madrid, Spain. All of these travels showed me a part of life that I will never forget.

 When I came back from europe to the states at 24 I painted in earnest, having spent my early twenties devoted to the craft. By this time I had my own studio and home. My roommates and neighbors would come in and out, inspired by the works created. I was dissatisfied on the painting medium however. I saw my paintings competing with the digital age; the net, games, movies, radio, tv had more of an influence on my peers attention than art ever did. Coming from europe gave me this insight.  The writing bug was taking over as well and I did not know how to handle the urge since for the most part painting and drawings was all that I did, and really had no place in the paintings I was doing at the time.

 The art that I craft comes from me, but is more than me. I’m just the guy that makes it real, I believe it has a spirit of it’s own. I work hard in service of the craft but what makes it special has nothing to do with me. The digital age proved to be a defining part of my generation. I saw the change happen right before my eyes, and my art pushed me in that direction. It seems like overnight.

 I began learning all I could about the potential of the digital medium. I figure if the great masters where alive they would have too. This added fuel to the fire. Slowly but surely I came to grasps on what I was meant to do with my life. I came out of this experience a better artist; right place right time.

 I study my work as much as I create it. The images I showed you this past week have a magic that transformed my career; words and pictures juxtaposed. A kind of informal comic. My peers loved this type of work the best, and to be honest so do I. 

 I’m a proud American, but I have deep Mexican roots. Some call this chicano, latino, hispanic, brown, I choose to identify it with being mexican-american. Who I am inspires all of the modes of art that I create. Thats why the influences that have shaped me are so diverse. Diversity is one of my biggest strengths and has played an integral part in my work.

 I’ve come into a crossroads with starting this blog. I named it Venture Comics for a reason and that is to delight you with a web-comic that I have been working on, it seems like my whole life lol. There are many loose strings that I am tying up but this is the direction that the blog is going. That is the target. The drawings I have posted thus far are from another time. I am pushing to show you something new.

mer 192x300 nightmare

Every once in awhile we run into the occasional nightmare. When the whole world is turned upside down and there is no end in sight. It’s a form of release, that pops up every now and again. I remember my first nightmare at the age of 3, it was the scariest dream I ever had. Every nightmare since then has been easy.

As I dug deeper into the labyrinth of dreams, I was amazed at my own subconscious. There were many different aspects of the human condition going on in my mind. Like a good detective I searched for hidden clues. In the morning when I awoke, I put pen to paper and sketched these ideas out. 

dream21 194x300 Underdream

 Imagine waking up from a dream and realizing that the only way to remember or make sense of the experience was to somehow write it down, what would you do? Nobody has invented a dream-recorder just yet, but I suspect one day they will have our innervisions mapped out. Until then I spent a period of months exploring my own dreams and nightmares. The sketchbooks I produced are some of my most personal and greatest. It was a good experience, using my drawing skillz to map out some of my own visual imagery. Here are some sketches that I brought back. 

dream 194x300 Imagine

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