August, 2008 Archives

mike 212x300 Mike

My brother Mike. He was surprised on how I captured some of his essence in this sketch.

m 296x300 riverside

Quick sketch of the Mission Inn. I’ve spent many hours drawing from this spot creating some nice pieces. This one is a personal fave since the hard part of learning was already done.

dsc00327 225x300 pink skull

 Watercolor that was processed in photoshop. I love the digital feedback.

j 209x300 brother J

My bro Justin. He liked the look of this sketch. Said it reminded him of “an old wanted dead or alive poster”. Recognize the gleam in his eyes?

04 211x300 angel eyes

A great artist told me once; “always go for the eyes first”.

03 218x300 red rooster

 Embrace your animal instinct!

011 300x208 Sleeping Beauty

 I love the way conte hits the page, it’s my favorite medium to sketch with. Some may find chalk murky and unmanageable but I believe paper to crayon produces a nice touch.

dsc003762 300x225 madrid 

Walking the city everyday, I began to see through the cracks. A very rewarding sight.

dsc00375 225x300 madrid

dsc00377 225x300 madrid