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I’m lucky enough to have this tree’s presence in my backyard. Stay tuned for some studies…..

006 300x225 Happy Birthday!!!

0071 300x225 Happy Birthday!!!

012 300x225 Happy Birthday!!!

0081 300x225 Happy Birthday!!!

WOW! What a difference a year makes! Last month marked the first anniversary of Venture Comics! I would like to take a moment to celebrate this special event. THANK YOU for giving me an outlet for my creativity. The creative acts that all of us take part in is what I choose to celebrate today. Often times it is easy to forget the simple miracle of the imagination. The fact that we all possess this gift is something very precious; like love the best things in life are free! Happy Bday, Venture!

The pics above are of my studio, located in sunny California. So much magic has taken place throughout this building. I recently moved back in and the ol digs fit like a glove.I am looking forward to this upcoming year, since I know it will be better than the last. Lots of work to do, time to get to it…….-N

004 300x210 sketchbook

005 282x300 sketchbook

Found a 10 year old sketchbook….still believe in what I wrote.

  • July 31st, 2009
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002 a 300x240 joshua tree

white dove 267x300 white dove

Tucson, Arizona.